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Saint Rosalie Parish Mission Statement

  • We are a Faith Community called by our baptism to be children in the Family of God. We are on the pilgrimage striving to be Jesus to all and to find Jesus in others.
  • With humility and respect we commit ourselves to share the gifts and talents received from the Holy Spirit.
  • We live to proclaim the Mission and Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ in our Community.

1960 – March 1, 1981 FATHER Joseph CONRAD Pastor of St. Rosalie

A letter from John Cardinal Cody:

Dear Father Conrad:

lt gives me great pleasure to appoint you herebwith as “Pastor Emeritus” of St. Rosalie parish, Harwood Heights, effective March 1, 1981.

During these many years you have served your people with great credit to yourself and to the parish, and I wanted you to know how deeply grateful I am for your great Service to the Archdiocese.

I shall be appointing a new Pastor shortly, who will assume the temporal and spiritual responsibility of St. Rosalie parish.

Very gratefully yours in Christ,

John Cardinal Cody

Archbishop of Chicago


April 5, 1981 FR. SNIEG Pastor of St. Rosalie

Father Marion J. Snieg was born in Chicago on April 30, 1928 and is the youngest of nine children. His parents were Mary and Stanley; both are deceased.

He attended and graduated from Holy lnnocents School. Having gone through the Diocesan Seminary system, he attended Quigley North and St. Mary of the Lake Seminary in Mundelein and wad ordained on May 3, 1955 by Cardinal Samuel Stritch.

His appointments have been St. Jane de Chantal, St. William, Diocesan Missionaries, Maternity B.V.M., St. Constance. While at Maternity B.V.M. Father Marion became administrator and then pastor of that parish. During his ten years at that parish, he learned Spanish in order to better serve the changing community of Hispanics.

In the years of his last two assignments he has Iearned much about administration, fund raising events and has successfully worked with groups of all ages. Among his talents, he loves to produce and direct stage plays, musicals and comedies. This has always served to unite groups of different ages not only in working together but also enjoying each other.

He understands and speaks the Polish language fluently; remembers some of ttie Spanish and hopes to start learning Italian.

Next Sunday April 5, 1981 at the 10:15 Mass, Fr. Jakubowski as the Archbishop’s Vicar will install our new pastor. All parishioners are most weicome to celebrate with Fr. Snieg as he begins his new ministry among us. After Mass there will be an informal reception for everyone in Conrad Hall.

In addition Fr. Snieg will preach at all Masses next weekend.


Fr John Cain Pastor of St. Rosalie

Father John Cain was born in 1932. He went to St. Lucy School in the Austin Area, Quigley Seminary (near the Old Water Tower), and St. Mary of the Lake Seminary.

He was ordained in 1958.

After several years as an associate pastor, he spent the sixties and the seventies working at Quigley South where he bought religion and was a guidance counselor.

In 1981, Father left Quigley and returned to parish work.

He has been pastor of St. James in Sauk Village the past twelve years.

He applied to become pastor of St. Rosalie and, in the few weeks he has been here, is very appreciative of the warm welcome he has received from the parishioners of his new parish.


Father Jerzy Maj Pastor of St. Rosalie

2002 November 15 – January 2009 Pastor of St. Rosalie Parish Harwood Heights, IL

Name of Congregation: Order of Samt Paul, the First Hermit


Name: Farher Jerzy Maj OSPPE

Date and Place of Birth: May 6 1961 – Miechow, Poland

Sacrament of Baptism: June 6 1961

Sacrament of Confirmation: June 1975

Entrance into Community: September 1 1982

Novitiate: September 8 1982 – Lesniow, Poland

Profession of Temporary Vows: September 8 1983

Profession of Solemn Vows: September 7 1988

Ordination to Diaconate: September 8 1988

Ordination to Presbyterate: May 20 1989 – Czestochowa, Poland Ordained by His Excellency, Stanislaw Nowak

1989 Jasna Gora, Poland

1989-1991 Assistant Pastor & Religious Educator St. Mary Church in Biechowo, Poland

1991-1999 National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa

1996-1999 Prior  in Monastery of Pauline Fathers National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa

2000 June – Became a Citizen of the United States of America

2000-2002 Vicar and then Pastor of St. Casimir Church Yonkers, New York


Father Bazyli Jarosław Cendrowicz

Pastor of St. Rosalie: January 2009 – December 2011

Associate: January 2003 – 2006


Born: 1969 Milanowek, Warsaw suburb


1988 Karol Szymanowski’s Musical High School in Warsaw

1993 Frederic Chopin’s Academy of Music in Warsaw

1993 Join the Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit

1993 – 2000 study: The Pontifical Academy of Theology in Krakow

1999 Life vows on Jasna Gora – Czestochowa

2000 Priest Ordination – jasna Gora – Czestochowa

2000 – 2002 working in Wlodawa, Poland


In 1956, the Archdiocese of Chicago decided that people in the newly founded town of Harwood Heights need an additional place of worship.

The original look of the Sanctuary.
Other churches in the area were overcrowded and not able to provide the local faithful with the religious services they needed. In response to this rapid post-war developement, Fr. Stephen Ryan was chosen to solve the problem. He took residence with Monsignor McGowan, pastor of St. Priscilla’s Church, just south of Harwood Heights. Next, he gauged the demand.

Sometimes described as formal and “stand-offish”, Fr. Conrad didn’t greet his parishioners after masses that only he could squeeze into twenty minutes. The present look of the Sanctuary. A door-to-door census and parishioner registration for a new church was conducted. At what is roughly halfway between St. Monica’s and St. Priscilla’s Church, Fr. Ryan founded the Mission of St. Monica’s; an extension of St. Monica’s activities but not yet properly equipped to be called a parish.


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